Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why We Wear Makeup.

It's an age-old question,
"why do you wear makeup?"

Every time this is asked,
I'm immediately cut off by the person saying
"but you look good, you don't need it."
That's not the point.

Why do we feel the need to constantly defend the fact that we wear makeup?
It's simple,

We wear makeup because we like it.

I've grown tired with the common misconception that we wear makeup because we think we need it
to cover ourselves. Why do people assume we should defend wearing makeup?

In my mind,
 makeup is invigorating-
To all the skeptics and nonbelievers, here are the real reasons 
why we wear makeup:

1. When applied appropriately, it enhances features, not masks them- Many people enjoy their unique qualities, such as eye color. Sometimes we like to make them pop. What's wrong with that?

2. It's therapeutic. Let's face it- Not all of us have the time or money to be pampered at a spa. The time a person takes out of their day to apply makeup or skincare is totally calming. It's a moment to commit a little time to yourself, it should be enjoyed.

3. We're artistic. I personally enjoy the variety of color and texture that makeup provides. I'm no Van Gogh, but at least I can lose myself momentarily in the pleasures of mixing and matching different products. 

4. We like to play dress up. We always have. Ask anyone who loves makeup what their favorite thing was to do as a child, I promise that one of them was to play dress up! We've kept in touch with our imaginations, and we're not ashamed.

5. It makes us feel good. When we feel our best, we perform our best- Makeup makes us feel pretty, it's not rocket science. It makes us feel pulled together and unstoppable.

6. We're individuals. Plain and simple, we like self expression. Makeup provides tools for us to carry out the unique extensions of ourselves. Part of the fun with makeup is that everyone does it differently!

7. We know we don't have to, we want to. Makeup is fun. Makeup is empowering. Makeup is a form of self expression, each person granted the ability to do it their own way. 

Next time you're asked why you wear makeup,
keep it simple-