Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beach Hair-Completed!

As some of you may know, 
I recently fried the shit out of my hair in efforts to get that beach blonde ombre. 
It totally worked, but I've been missing my extensions! 
(They were too dark, matching my dark brown natural hair color.) 
I fried the shit out of them too. 


I didn't think it was blended enough, 
so I added random highlights...

Final color
(minus extensions):

Extensions colored:

I'm totes ready for summer!
[Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional hair stylist- I go off of the years of learning from harassing Sally Beauty employees and hair dresser friends. I know nothing, I just wing it. My hair dresser friends want to kill me!]

What I used:
First I used bleach from Sally mixed with a 40 volume developer.
(My natural color is dark, I needed an extreme lift. 
I knew this would fry my hair a bit, but it was worth the risk.)
After slightly over an hour, I washed the bleach out and used a lightest ash blonde toner with a 20 volume developer. I left that on for about 25 minutes.
The toner was Wella Color Charm:
Then I washed that out with this cool blonde purple shampoo by Ion, formulated to brighten blonde hair. 
The woman who sold it to me told me not to use it every day, 
but every once in a while to avoiding ash blonde hair turning grey.

I condition with this:
(I always buy it from T.J. Maxx, it's way cheaper there!)


Holy crap, 
had my hair seen better days.
 My all-time favorite repairing product is Miracle 7 leave in mist
I use it after showering every time!
It makes your hair so soft. It's the JAM.
A serum I've been digging lately (that is super inexpensive) 
So that's what I did. 
I have HAIRDD so don't be surprised if it's different next month! HA.
What's your favorite summer hair color?

Monday, April 21, 2014

30% Off the BEST Skincare Line EVER!

Literally, the BEST.
Valid April 21st-25th, online only!

DIY Gel Nails.

I FINALLY jumped onto the gel nail thing-
I must admit, it was quite intimidating- 
With high prices and multiple steps, it seemed like a giant headache.
I went to Sally Beauty and talked to a girl (for what seemed like forever) about the exact steps to take, and what's necessary throughout the process. 
I had a lot of questions, like how to remove, and if there's any way to use my regular nail polish with the gel polish as well.
She was quite honest and I left feeling confident- I'll share with you the secrets she told me!

First off, I got the best deal on an LED light- (She said you always want to go LED because they last forever, where as the bulbs from a UV light need to be replaced after time.)

I got this portable mini LED light by Gelish for only $27- and it's cool because it comes with a USB plug to use with your computer. Despite the fact that it's smaller, you can still fit the same amount of fingers as you could with a larger and more expensive light.

Next, she told me you need a bonder, base coat, your color, top coat, a nail surface cleanse, and an acetone remover.
I did buy the bonder, but I don't feel it's ultimately necessary. 
Some gel colors include the base coat in them already, such as the options by China Glaze (Gelaze) which I used today.

I was all flustered, and didn't know when to cure and for how long.
She gave me an awesome booklet and wrote instructions to break it down.

1. Prep nails- File and remove any excess polish, push cuticles down.
2. Use the chip free bonder (optional), let it air dry. (It only takes 30 seconds or so.)
3. Use a thin layer of your base coat, unless already provided in your gel polish. Cure that once. (Most LED lights have a self timer for 30-45 seconds.)
4. Use your gel polish color, and cure once after each coat you apply.
5. Once you achieve the desired amount after curing between coats, apply your top coat- Cure twice!
6. A little moisture will be left on the nail, so you'll want to wipe that off with a nail surface cleanse. Everyone says you need a lint-free toilette, but let's be real- I'm not trying to buy it all. I asked if cotton balls would do the trick, and she said totally!

Because it's such an investment, I only went with a couple gel colors. 

Can I use regular nail polish with a gel topcoat?

I was curious about using my regular nail polish with the gel top coat and curing. 
(This would save me SO MUCH MONEY!)
She told me to use the gel base coat, cure once. 
Then apply your standard nail polish, let air dry completely
Finally, apply your gel top coat and cure twice.
This is great if you're like me, and have a million nail polish options you don't want to go to waste. 
It definitely keeps polish on longer than it would without including a gel base and top coat,
 however the gel colors ultimately work best. 
Is this ever a pain in my ass. 
This is the only part that has me not totally obsessed with gel'ing all the time-
You have to soak your fingers in acetone for up to 20 minutes, and even then you may have some stubborn parts that are tricky to take off. Using one of those wooden stick nail tools, it's easier to chip it away. You need to be careful, because just peeling the stuff off without the removal will damage your nails, peeling away at the surface layer.
Everyone has told me to soak cotton balls in acetone, and use foil to wrap them around my nails. For me, this was too labor intensive and annoying. I'd much rather soak them in a dish of acetone than play Edward Scissor Hands for 5 hours, trying to get the cotton balls to stay in place.

All in all, gel polish looks amazing, feels amazing, but does require some serious devotion. It's a process, but the end result is fab.
What I feel you absolutely need are at least a base and top coat, the surface cleanse, acetone, and the LED light. I could skip the bonder and fancy wipes, along with the gel colors all together- My nail polish has been working fine enough, and I still get that fancy salon finish with the gel top coat on top.
Today I used the Gelaze gel-n-base in one in Pink Voltage.
I took all the steps, curing between coats and curing the top coat twice.
I added Northern Lights Sparkle (a regular nail polish) and let that air dry. 
I then applied a final layer of gel top coat, and cured twice.
I wiped them down with the cotton ball and the nail surface cleanse.

What do you think of at home gel polishing?
Have you ever used regular nail polish with your gels?
If anyone has any further tips and tricks for simplifying the process, let me know!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Beach Hair.

Pardon the absence- 
I've been neurotically coloring my hair like a psycho path. 
After a few days and far too much bleach, I'm calling it quits (for now). 


I cannot deal with it anymore. I've literally gone hair crazy.
This is just how it's gonna be for a while, I cannot think about hair for another minute! Ha.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I entered my little Nugget into a "cutest dog" contest, please show her some love and vote!!!!!!!!!