Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bobbi Brown Seasonal Advanced Artistry Training!

If you haven't heard the news, 
I recently attended 
Bobbi Brown's
Advanced Artistry/Seasonal Training.
Having worked with Bobbi for 6 years now,
Seasonal Training
is something us artists always look forward to.
We learn the latest tips and tricks from 
Bobbi's Beauty Team Artists 
who are a small, select group 
she has hand picked 
to personally work with her 
during fashion week
 and other exclusive endeavors.
Sent by Bobbi herself,
Beauty Team member Kim Rose 
taught us everything we need to know
in perfecting our artistry 
and learning about what's new to hit counters 
within the upcoming year.
Training is a luxury.
You see product long before it goes public, 
along with product that is still in its production phase.
Not to mention, 
the honor of working with one of the best.
Take a glimpse into Bobbi's photo shoot 
Brighten, Sparkle, and Glow.
I love how fresh and clean this look remains, 
while dashing a hint of sparkle to keep current 
with trend.
Her approach as always remains
clean, fresh, and modern.
Preview some of her other 
clean, fresh, and modern looks-
The women shown look like themselves, 
but at their very best.
I love this philosophy of embracing who you are by 
achieving the best version of yourself 
through enhancing features,
not by masking them.
We received 
the latest literature 
on everything you need to know, 
from achieving perfect skin 
to advanced artistry techniques.
It's more than fun 
being told the beauty secrets of the season,
while rewarding as you better yourself as an artist. 
Through extensive training and advanced knowledge, 
you're able to teach those 
yearning to be their very own makeup artist.
We enjoyed the preview and play time
with new product before it hits store,
along with a personalized present from Bobbi.
Everyone anticipated
the unveiling of gifts-
So many lovely things!
Repairing hand cream from the Extra skincare line,
along with the all new 
Full Coverage Face brush!
One of my favorite gifts was the new 
It's unlike any product I've used before. 
Considered more of a magic wand 
to perfect skin tone- 
Creating a seamless, flawless finish.
It leaves skin healthy and radiant, creating a soft glow so skin doesn't look caky and matte.
We were also graced with the 
brand new Extra Bright Advanced Serum 
from the Extra Bright skincare line, 
available April 2013.
A product 
I've favored for years was also one of many gifts...
There's no such thing as too many Shimmer Bricks!
The limited edition Lilac Rose was ours.
(Available March, 2013)
Perfectly Pink!
These baked Shimmer Bricks wear nice and sheer,
gently gracing high points of the face with a soft and luminous glow.
Don't be shimmer shy!
Apply anywhere your heart desires-
I use mine on my eyes, lips, and face.


the all new 
Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick!
Vanilla Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick, 
one of many color options.
I love, love, love 
the Vanilla Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick.
It's light and warm with a hint of shimmer.
I like it for gently highlighting the inner corner's of my eyes.
Soft & strong
These Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks
give you a swift and easy application
 with a seemingly everlasting 
8 hr hold.
Training was a definite success.
There are so many lovely surprises to hit stores this upcoming year!
I'm aware that no line 
(luxury or not) 
will have every perfect product. 
While Bobbi Brown does a fantastic job, 
I'm more of a makeup master in general- 
I experiment with lines of all prices in efforts to find the best products suitable for
 all skin types. 
People are unique, 
skin is different! 
Nobody can expect the same regimen. 
Feel free to email me any questions/concerns regarding
makeup or skincare, 
I'll do my best to give helpful tips!
[Or, contact here.]
I can't wait to further unveil more elegant collections, coming soon!


  1. Wow this looks amazing! Lucky you being able to go - I LOVE Bobbi Brown products so much, they really are amazing. I like the sound of the retouching power and the cream shadow stick, they sound amazing. Will need to check them out :-)
    Lianne x

  2. Wow! Very cool! Looks like such a cool event! I definitely need to learn more about makeup!!


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  5. Wow so amazing! You are so lucky! <3<3

  6. Hello my dear!! Love the photos!!! I nominated you for Leibster Award check it out on my blog!

    Xoxo Akinyi