Friday, May 16, 2014

Easy at-Home Trick for Flawless French Manicure

Quick and Easy at-Home Trick for Flawless French Tips!
A woman at a nail salon used this on me many years ago. 
I took the trick home to share with you!
You will need:
* rounded edged eye shadow brush
*white nail polish
*nail polish remover
*top coat

1. Begin by applying a couple of thin, clean coats of white polish to the tips of your fingers. Apply slightly thicker (or more wide) than you desire your outcome to be.

2. Take your nail polish remover and use the cap as a mini bath for your brush. (Use a brush other than the brush you use on your face, making it your "nail" brush- Nail polish and remover aren't good for it, so avoid damaging one you use frequently by having a second brush for nail use.)

3. Saturate the brush in nail polish remover, try to wipe off excess remover on the edge of your cap. You want it wet, but not dripping wet. 

4. Gently push the brush against the edge of where the white polish meets the rest of your nail. Use the brush to form a desired arch for the white polish. This requires up and down strokes, along with slight left to right movements of the wrist. It's easy, you'll get the hang of it! It's amazing how perfectly this creates a french manicure.

5. When your brush begins to collect excess polish, swirl it off in your mini bath of remover! Then remove excess liquid, remembering no drips. (If you don't clean off your brush between fingers, the job may look sloppy.)

6. If you had any traces of white polish left on the rest of your nail, wipe it away with remover and q-tips. 

7. If you want a color other than your natural nail under the tip, apply it when the tips have dried. Be careful not to cross over to the freshly manicured tip! 

8. Once finished and dry, apply your top coat to the whole nail.

9. Spray the end result with PAM (yes, cooking spray- it really works) to speed up the dry-time.

My outcome:

I actually used gel polish for the pink part of my nail (Finger Paints Pink Glaze) while using a regular OPI white polish (Alpine Snow) for the tips. To mix regular polish with gel, you MUST use a gel base coat prior to using regular polish (followed by curing for 30 seconds under the light.) Then apply your standard polish, wait for it to air dry. If you want color under the tips, apply only below the tips! Finally use a gel top coat once that is done, curing 2 times for 30 seconds. 


  1. Great tips, I love how it turned out :))

    Kali from

  2. Oh I guess I could never do it that professional! It looks awesome darling!